Welcome new summer education program students

We’re very excited to have two summer education program students join the lab for the summer. Jasmine Luo is an undergraduate BME major at Wash U, and David Anand is an undergraduate physics major at Virginia Tech. Welcome Jasmine and David! Interested in applying for 2020? See the summer undergraduate program page.

Congratulations, Matt!

Student Matt Riblett holding a Nobel Prize in Physics medal.

Congratulations to Matt Riblett, who successfully defended his dissertation entitled, “MOTION-INDUCED ARTIFACT MITIGATION AND IMAGE ENHANCEMENT STRATEGIES FOR FOUR-DIMENSIONAL FAN-BEAM AND CONE-BEAM COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY“. Matt has remained at VCU to start a medical physics residency this summer.

Congratulations, Nicky!

Photo of Nicky Mahon.

Congratulations to Nicky Mahon, who successfully defended her dissertation, “Radiomics for Predicting Tumor Response and Contour Delineation Uncertainty” today at VCU. Once she graduates, Nicky will be staying on at VCU in a postdoctoral scholar role, working with Dr. Elisabeth Weiss.