Congratulations, Xiyao!

Xiyao successfully defended his thesis entitled, “A Quality Assurance Pipeline for Deep Learning Segmentation Models for Radiotherapy Applications” in Spring 2023. He is now a Research Scientist at Meta.

Welcome new summer education program students

We’re very excited to have two summer education program students join the lab for the summer. Jasmine Luo is an undergraduate BME major at Wash U, and David Anand is an undergraduate physics major at Virginia Tech. Welcome Jasmine and David! Interested in applying for 2020? See the summer undergraduate program page.

CORAL researchers top 3 in AAPM SPARE Challenge

Computed tomography reconstructions for three competing methods.

Researchers from CORAL, Dr. Matt Riblett and Dr. Geoff Hugo, participated in the Sparse-view Reconstruction Challenge for Four-dimensional Cone-beam CT (SPARE) organized by researchers at the University of Sydney, Australia. Results were presented at the recent American Association of Physicists in Medicine annual meeting, and the CORAL work, part of Matt’s Ph.D. dissertation, placed in the […]

Congratulations, Matt!

Student Matt Riblett holding a Nobel Prize in Physics medal.

Congratulations to Matt Riblett, who successfully defended his dissertation entitled, “MOTION-INDUCED ARTIFACT MITIGATION AND IMAGE ENHANCEMENT STRATEGIES FOR FOUR-DIMENSIONAL FAN-BEAM AND CONE-BEAM COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY“. Matt has remained at VCU to start a medical physics residency this summer.

Congratulations, Nicky!

Photo of Nicky Mahon.

Congratulations to Nicky Mahon, who successfully defended her dissertation, “Radiomics for Predicting Tumor Response and Contour Delineation Uncertainty” today at VCU. Once she graduates, Nicky will be staying on at VCU in a postdoctoral scholar role, working with Dr. Elisabeth Weiss.

New Paper

We’ve recently published a new paper “CALIPER: A deformable image registration algorithm for large geometric changes during radiotherapy for locally advanced non‐small cell lung cancer” in Medical Physics, on a new deformable image registration algorithm developed in our lab, tailored for registering lung CT images with large anatomical changes. The first author is Chris Guy, who […]

New Paper

Dose distributions to heart, lung, and target showing the difference in dose to these structures at the second and third weeks of treatment.

We’ve recently published a new paper Lung and Heart Dose Variability During Radiation Therapy of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer” in International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, looking at the difference between the expected, planned radiation dose to lung and heart relative to the estimated delivered dose to actual anatomy during the course of treatment. The […]

Congratulations, Chris!

Photo of Chris Guy.

Congratulations to Chris Guy on matching for a medical physics residency. We are all excited that Chris matched here at VCU, and will stay on in the department. Chris will begin his residency in July, after he completes his Ph.D. studies.

Congratulations, Nicky!

Photo of Nicky Mahon.

Congratulations to Nicky Mahon, who was awarded the VCU Kennedy Scholarship. This award recognizes outstanding academic achievement and advancing the presence of women in higher education. Nicky also received a Phi Kappa Phi award for scholarly achievement this year. Congratulations, Nicky!

New Paper

Image from Nate Tennyson's paper showing differences in tumor position at baseline and the fifth week of radiation therapy due to atelectasis changes.

We’ve recently published a new paper “The Effect of Variations in Atelectasis on Tumor Displacement During Radiation Therapy for Locally Advanced Lung Cancer” in Advances in Radiation Oncology, focusing on how atelectasis (partially collapsed lung) affects tumor position during image-guided radiotherapy. The first author is Nate Tennyson, M.D., a radiation oncology resident who has worked on […]

Featured article in Medical Physics

Congratulations to Chris Guy. His article, “Effect of atelectasis changes on tissue mass and dose during lung radiotherapy” was featured as the Editor’s Choice in Medical Physics, Volume 43, Issue 11 (November 2016). One of his figures was also selected as the cover image.

New Paper

Motion compensated reconstructions compared to baseline helical CT scans.

We’ve recently published a new paper “A longitudinal four-dimensional computed tomography and cone beam computed tomography dataset for image-guided radiation therapy research in lung cancer” in Medical Physics. This paper is the first published in a new format, Medical Physics Datasets Articles, which describe publicly-available datasets for medical physics research. Our dataset is a set of […]

Congratulations, Shufei!

Photo of Shufai Chen.

Congratulations to Shufei Chen, Ph.D.! Shufei’s thesis is entitled, “Markerless tracking of lung tumors in cone beam CT projections”. She successfully defended on May 18, 2016. Shufei has accepted a position as a staff physicist at Elekta, Inc. in Shanghai, China. Best of luck, Shufei!

Riblett Lindau meeting

Student Matt Riblett holding a Nobel Prize in Physics medal.

Matt Riblett has been selected to attend the prestigious Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting this summer in Lindau, Germany. Matt was one of thirty three U.S. graduate students, and the only medical physics student, selected to attend this gathering of students and 31 Nobel laureates. The U.S. delegation is organized by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Press: […]