CORAL researchers top 3 in AAPM SPARE Challenge

Computed tomography reconstructions for three competing methods.
Standard free-breathing reconstruction (left), 4D reconstruction (middle), and Riblett's motion-compensated reconstruction (right). The motion-compensated reconstruction reduces the streaking artifact of the middle and the blurring artifact of the left approaches.

Researchers from CORAL, Dr. Matt Riblett and Dr. Geoff Hugo, participated in the Sparse-view Reconstruction Challenge for Four-dimensional Cone-beam CT (SPARE) organized by researchers at the University of Sydney, Australia. Results were presented at the recent American Association of Physicists in Medicine annual meeting, and the CORAL work, part of Matt’s Ph.D. dissertation, placed in the top 3 of challenge participants.

A publication describing the work has been recently accepted by Medical Physics and is in press.

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